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Click to subscribe to the newsletter.These are organized by surname alphabetically. Surnames are included wherever I've done substantial research. Note that the most up-to-date family history facts are located on (accessible if you have an account or as my guest—ask!). Check with me before publicly sharing any information or stories to make sure they have been revised with the latest information. And, of course, always let me know if you have additional information, corrections, or new story to tell.

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Ireland and Immigrant History

Famine Refugees. What was life like for people like my Irish ancestors -- refugees from the Great Hunger?

Post-Famine Irish Emigrants. Many of my ancestors came after the famine was over. I've always wondered why...

Leaving Your Country. Where is home, after all? Where you've been? Or where you want to go?

Women: Irish Emigration's Bold Leading Edge. From a matriarchal society, they are no princesses.

Women Who Left Ireland. Single women on the go. (Posted 12.10.06)

Irish Dark Side. Irish culture was not always kind to women who didn't toe the line. Reflections on the Irish Magdalene asylums.

Mayo Apparition. We discover Our Lady of Knock and wonder about the rest of the story.

Related Family History Articles

CASTLEWOOD, St Louis County, MO. Memories of the legendary weekend playgrounds at Castlewood, Missouri (1930s - 1950s). YouTube link to restored 8mm film.

Family Rivers: the Women Laying out the photos of my ancestors reminds me how strong the women were. (Posted 7.4.07)

Genealogy Hobby. It's a craze. It's addictive. But is there a dark side?

The Abortionist. Were "back alley abortions" done by defrocked physicians or by well-meaning neighbor ladies?

ZIMMER Family History

Carman-Fordham. Original Anglo-American settlers on Long Island.

Spicer. Early settlers in Connecticut and upstate New York.

Revolutionary War Veterans.

Love Letters between Jim's parents, Orpha and James, written during the summer before they were married -- 1926

Jim Zimmer's Youthful Autobiography. Written and illustrated when Jim was about 12 years old (PDF format.)

Jim Zimmer's "Story of Gink." A short story about adventurous cats, written when Jim was about 14 (PDF format).

Zimmers of Weedsport, NY.

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