historic castlewood, missouri

"meet you out at the river"

Castlewood, Missouri, is one of those magic places that exists largely in memories now.

It started out as a Meramec River resort community back in the early 20th century, an antidote to St. Louis summer heat. Its geology is unusual -- the river and train tracks were separated from the clubs [summer houses] by towering cliffs. This kept the clubs safe from Meramec flooding and gave them a woodsy seclusion perfect for bootlegging and gambling.

Today neat cottages still line the old back roads and a state park preserves the cliff views and wild riverside. But the old landmarks are gone — the icy sulphur springs swimming pool, Lincoln Lodge, the Lone Wolf Club, Nig's, Dickinsons, St. Elizabeth Church, Breit's.

Not much official history exists on Castlewood. But, as I've written about it here, many people have come forward with their own memories. I'm trying to assemble them all here, putting together history as I go.

General memories received from emails





Video: Our family's club, the All Inn, on East Hill Drive. 8mm film from 1947.

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