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Sarah Newham Price's Family (see also"Finding Sarah")


Samuel Newham (My 3RD GREAT GRANDFATHER). (abt 1801 - ?) Exiled to a convict colony in Tasmania, Australia in 1835. His story.

Charlotte Miller* Newham (My 3RD GREAT GRANDMOTHER). Born abt 1805 Arthingworth, Northamptonshire [7], assumed to be the daughter of James Hervey Miller and Ann Glover Miller.* Charlotte was widowed at an early age, with four young children. She worked as a lacemaker [5]. [**] When her children were grown she worked as a live-in housekeeper for George C. Shurman, a young, single surgeon, on Brand Green in the parish of Wellingborough [7]. I found a record that suggests she died in Apr-Jun 1866 at age 61, the death registered at Sunderland (Durham, Tyne and Wear) [4]. However, this location was far from Wellingborough -- it's unlikely to be her unless one of her daughters was living in that area.

Jane Newham. Born abt 1825.

Edward Newham. Born abt 1827.

Mary Newham. Born abt 1829 in Northamptonshire.

Samuel Newham (My 2ND GREAT GRANDFATHER). Born: 22 Apr 1830, the youngest of four children, in Middleton (Cottingham, District 1), Northamptonshire, England. 1841 Census: living on "The Hill" with his 34 y.o. widowed mother Charlotte and 12 y.o. sister Mary. 1851 Census: not found. 1861 Census:in Wytham on Hill (Bourne District), Lincolnshire. Sam was a master tailor who employed a journeyman tailor, who lived with the family in Wytham on Hill. His wife Frances (see Bennett below) had 3 young children and the mother-in-law [Sarah?] Elizabeth Bennett was visiting at the time of the census. Sam continued this work "on his own account" (i.e., self-employed), still working as of the census of 1901. Died: 1903 in the District of Bourne, Lincolnshire

Samuel Henry, born abt 1856. 1881 Living with his brother and sister Sarah in Burton Upon Trent (Staffordshire), working as a brewer's laborer. The public record shows that Samuel Henry marries Emma Ginns in 1883 in Leicester. In 1891, he was working as a storekeeper in Leicester and living with his wife (listed as "Florence") and their 6-year-old daughter Edith. Sam H. dies young, in 1895, at the age of 40 in Leicestershire.

Charles E, born abt 1858. 1881, living with his wife, brother, and sister Sarah in Burton Upon Trent (Staffordshire). At the 1891 census, we see that Charles and his wife Ruth Elridge (who was born in Surfleet) have moved back to Witham on the Hill with their 9-year-old daughter Frances E. Like his father, Charles works as a tailor, his wife doing laundry. By 1901, Charles has added carpentry to tailoring. They live at Black Dog Inn next door to Sam and Fran (see map below). Their daughter Frances is out of the house. In 1911, Charles and Frances have been joined by their grandchildren Lilian (age 11) and Frank Smith (10). At 52 Charles is working as a carpenter. Charles died on 2 Mar 1936 and left his estate of £291 6s 4d to his grandson, at that time working as an omnibus driver in London. (Amount equivalent to about £17,000 in today's currency.)

Frances E. Born abt 1882. Married Harry H.Smith (b abt 1875). Her children are Lilian (b. abt 1900) and Francis Herbert (b. abt 1901). In 1901 the family was living with his parents in District 17 of Easton on the Hill in Northamptonshire.

Sarah Elizabeth, born April 1860; married: 1881 to William Price; died 30 Jun 1927

Children: William, Mary Ann, Frank, Ernest, Samuel, Walter, Trevor

Mary Jane, born abt 1865. In 1891, Mary Jane is 27, still living with her parents and working as a cook/domestic servant. In 1896, she marries a blacksmith -- Walter Ardin (b. 1863 Carlby, Lincolnshire . As of the 1901 census, they have 3 children (all born in Carlby, Lincolnshire).

Sara Jane b. 1896

Reginald F. b. 1898

Frances Nelly b. 1900


Henry Edward Newham. Mysteriously, in the 1891 census, we see that Sam and Fran have picked up an infant grandson, Henry Edward Newham, born in 1890 in Leicester, Leicestershire. He is still with them in 1901. Henry Edward may be the son of Sam H and Florence, but it's hard to imagine why they would send an infant to live with his grandparents.

Another option is that the child was Mary Jane's. In 1890, she was still single -- not married for another 5 years. If she got pregnant she might have gone to her brother's house in Leicester to have the child, so that his birth was registered there. If grandma Frances herself was born out of wedlock (see BENNETT below), she may have been simpatico to her daughter's plight. Or maybe it wasn't a big deal back then in those parts. [3]


John (b. 1771 in Market Overton) and Elizabeth Bennett (b. 1781 in Scotland)

1841. [1] John was listed as a "farrier" -- a blacksmith

Sarah [aka Elizabeth?]. Born abt 1801 in Market Overton, Rutland, England. 1861: working as a Dressmaker.

Frances (My 2ND GREAT GRANDMOTHER).[2] Born: abt 1831 in Market Overton, Rutland, England. Since Elizabeth Bennett was 50 y.o. when Frances was born, I'm assuming that Frances was Sarah's child, born when the unmarried Sarah was 30 years old and raised in the household with her grandparents. [3] 1861 occupation: Laundress. As late as 1901 Frances was still working by her husband's side "on her own account" as a laundress. Died 4th quarter of 1908. [See her husband and children above, under Newham]

Ann. Born abt 1821 in Market Overton, Rutland, England.




*Tentative fact needing a more definitive source (e.g., came from someone else's posted family tree, which might be in error)

[1] Ages taken during the 1841 census were rounded to the nearest 5.

[2] 1841 Census does not list relationships. From information on the "mother-in-law" visiting Sam and Frances during the 1861 census, I'm inferring that Frances was Sarah Elizabeth Bennett's child out of wedlock.

[3] In 1860, the illegitimacy rate in England for Rutland and Lincolnshire was over 20%. The bastardy laws were not kind to unwed mothers so the Bennetts and Newhams may have been unusually kind families.

[4] England & Wales, FreeBMD Death Index: 1837-1983

[5] 1841 Census

[6] 1851 Census

[7] 1861 Census

[**] = Not found in 1851 Census