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follow me on TwitterEver go to an endless family slide show? "Here's Mother in front of the Eiffel Tower... Here's Mother in front of the Sphinx... Here's Mother in front of St. Peter's Basilica..."WELL, here's Susan in the verbal equivalent. Want to find out about Pakistan? Go to the Lonely Planet web page. Want to find out about me, me, me? Read on...

Susan in Pakistan - why is she still smiling?BUT FIRST, for anyone contemplating an unescorted trip to a really faraway place, here are my accumulated observations about what to expect: do it yourself adventure

See also Packing Principles

Motel Ratings for Road Warriors: My Top 8 Simple Needs

Sunrise over Atlantic, Outer Banks NCUNITED STATES

Roadtrip West (Apr-May 2010)

Florida: Roadtrip South (November 2009)

Plains + Rockies: roadrip from Rochester NY out West. (September 2009)

East Coast: Ocean, River, Swamp (April 2009)

The Plains: roadtrip from NY to New Mexico. A daily blog, with a final summation and map here (October 2008)

Connemara IrelandIreland 2012

Ireland 2007

Road trips and family pilgrimage

Passion and Peril on the Silk Roadcentral asia chronicles (1992)
Currently being rewritten as a memoir. Watch this space.

Read the 2008 novel based on these travels: Passion & Peril on the Silk Road: A Thriller in Pakistan and China by Susan Barrett Price

Venice, Italy

Italy Itinerary & Essays, Nov-Dec 2004

Rome, Florence and Venice -- still the heart and soul of Western Civilization

Puebla, MexicoMEXICO
 May 2005 (fishing) |May 2004 | June 2000


Jim in the Monteverde Cloud Forest, Costa RicaCOSTA RICA

Feature Ppiece: dangling woman
Cosmo Radio: radio version

Paris: it can't be rudeness

Indonesia Sulawesi Tana Toraja tau tauIndonesia: Bright & Dark
Memoir of trip through Java, Bali, and Sulawesi to answer the question: Are people basically good or evil?

Feature piece: Looking for The Real Thing: the Tau Tau

La Selva, Ecuador -- along the Rio NapoEcuador Notes:
April 2001 | December 1998
Feature piece: Cloud Forest Languid
Thailand Diary 1990
My first trip to Asia -- in these short entries, you'll see my efforts to be a close observer.
Other Adventures
Scuba diving: Ignorance & Confidence
Skiing & Winter Scuba: Extreme Cold Crazy: Extreme Cold Crazy
Drift Diving on the St. Lawrence: Defining Moment: Defining Moment
Skiing at Whiteface: Peak Performance - Trusting