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2007 Ireland

Being on course in Ireland (posted 8.20.07)

Monastic Ireland (posted 6.10.07)

Galway City Magic (posted 6.8.07)

Trip Notebook (posted 6.6.07)

What the heck is Black Pudding? (posted 6.5.07)

Holy Trinity! (posted 6.3.07)

Cobh, Town of Tears (posted 6.1.07)

The Family Land (posted 5.29.07, rev. 5.30.07)

The Bog (posted 5.28.07)

Knots & Labyrinths (posted 5.28.07)

Galway Family (posted 5.28.07)

Home from Ireland (posted 5.28.07)

Books to take along:

A funny and insightful travel companion, especially if you're traveling in the south and west of Ireland.

Great history of early Christianity and Ireland's happy contrast with Rome.

How the Irish blended their native beliefs with early Christianity & why we may wish to return to those values.

The dark side of the Irish character in these early James Joyce short stories.


Connemara, Galway, Ireland