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Saturday, 4.7.07: Week In Review

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SNOW on Planet Susan. What the...!!??

My knees are killing me. Must have stressed them out hiking about, taking advantage of those two darn days of spring. It's the kind of ache that only hurt when I walk DOWN stairs. I've had it before and it goes away after a while, but I decided to lay low, avoid yoga class. This meant longer than usual amount of time in front of the computer, fooling around.

Projects. Submitted my first 3 columns to "The Canal Times."

fish divaI wanted to submit some cartoons too, but I've spent too much time laboring over my technique. I tried actually tracing my face in Illustrator, but every time Jim came by he said, "No... no... no." So I bagged that effort and drew the cartoon on this page (click on thumbnail at the left to see the large image again) — better perhaps to capture my fantasy self.

Wrote a couple memoir entries and some philosophy.

Watching: Catching up on old episodes of "Prime Suspect" and "Monk."

Reading: Still "On the Road" with Kerouac. Library: Picked up some short stories by William Faulkner (who I've never read) and Flannery O"Connor (who I read voraciously in 1969, but who can't remember) — since I'm into writing these days, better expose myself to some high-class lit.


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