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Saturday, 4.14.07: Week In Review

Busy week on Planet Susan—except that it is still COLD.

Jim at 75

Jim's birthday. Tuesday we celebrated Jim's 75th with a small party hosted by a guy he used to work with, a guy who is grateful to Jim for sustaining his career over the years (Gerry, a maniac with a PhD who knows politics; Jim, a systematic research maven who knows maniacs).

An ambiguous expression on Jim's face here. I'm sure he was smiling, but it's one of those downturned smiles. Me (below) — I just look tipsy and in need of a new hairstyle.

Dentist. Visit to hygienist on Wed. resulted in visit to dentist for a crown. Visit to dentist on Thurs. revealed need for two crowns. Wahhhhh.

Projects. Full of starts, nothing completed. Thinking about style and voice. The Imus fiasco reminds me that we live in a shrill age. Rage and outrage. Sardonic laughter.

Another night of frivolity. Women's Council meeting at Sheila's last night. I lectured on the Danger of Snakes in the Grassy Institution, a topic I know too much about but care increasingly less about. Wine and a ton of wonderful food, however, make me an expert on any number of topics. I believe the group reached consensus about one thing: there has to be a better way of dealing with men in the workplace — men in leadership positions who have poor communication styles — than sinking to their primitive levels. It doesn't teach them anything. It only entertains them. Men the world over think they are in charge, but it is women who take care of business. So there must be a womanly solution to office politics issues. Got home at 1 A.M.

Susan at party

Chakras. This morning I'm stopping by the Spiritualist Church to make sure that Joanne is set up for her chakra workshop. Last time I babysat the technical end of her workshop; this time I'm just the mentor, she learns to do it herself.

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