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fishing divasFishing Divas (Cartoon)

3.19.07 My drawing at its best will never be as good as my writing as its best, but I labored over this anyway. Not really a caricature, but it does capture a certain mood.

4.4.07 This is my updated version below. Good practice in Illustrator and in searching for a style that's reliably my own. Right now I'm crazy about the style of the French cartoonist Killoffer and went to great lengths to find a copy of his "Six Hundred an Seventy Six Apparitions of Killoffer." fish divas v2.0Aside from his wild story and brilliant compositions, his figures are expressive yet stylized. He uses only black and white: black areas outlined in white, white areas outlined in black. I've been slavishly trying to figure out how to efficiently reproduce that effect in Adobe Illustrator. Also trying to pay attention to composition and black-white balance. Version 2 shows some improvement, but the little fish doesn't stand out, does it?

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