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Saturday, 4.29.06: Week In Review

What about my goals?

1. Finish my radio script. Close, but not ready for recording. CONTINUE

2. Finish my presentation of the Sackett-Mason family. A lot a progress. All the photos are organized into display groups, but I have a quite a way to go. CONTINUE

3. Paint. DONE. Well, except for a little trim.

4. Eliminate the negative. Salad greens are wilting in the fridge. TRY, TRY AGAIN

Cookie gobbling aside, the goal thing worked out pretty well. I stayed focused except for one morning when I got totally absorbed in reorganizing my notebooks. But I better get #1 and #2 done before I set more.

by Scowen 1870s, Ceylon...

Ebay. The store is still quiet, but I had a some good auctions. A sale to Thailand; a sale to Japan. And the album page of 1870s Ceylonese beauties fetched a pretty penny.

Retreat. The strategy facilitation on Friday worked out really well. I think I helped the group make some headway in clarifying their direction.

New car. The lease on Jim's Subaru is up this month. He has leased his car for years but now it makes more sense to buy. We picked out a nice little Toyota Corolla. It will be good for mileage, and even better, it will fit into our overcrowded garage.



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