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Saturday, 5.6.06: Week In Review

Oh these damn goals!

1. Finish my radio script. Had a terrible time chopping down my verbiage from a 15-minute to a 10-minute and finally to an 8-minute recording. I'm finally happy with the script but the actual recording sucks. My voice lacks something -- energy? -- and the recording itself seemed muted. New Goal: WORK SPECIFICALLY ON THE DIALOGUE (as the artists say) between my voice and the microphone. Complete for review by others by next Saturday.

2. Finish my presentation of the Sackett-Mason family. Did NOTHING on this. Got waylaid by my own family history. CONTINUE


Ebay. The store is still quiet. I have a bunch of auctions ending today and tomorrow, but it's looking like I'll make less that $10. I'm behind on getting cool stuff listed and trying to sell gar-bahge.

It was a very social week -- unusual for me. It's even hard to pick out the highlights. My reunion last night with Pat D was very surprising. We haven't seen each other in more than 10 years. I always think of her as my "opposite" -- the energized athlete, the dynamo to my quiet creativity. But here she is editing video on 3 computers, deep into genealogy research, creating big beautiful scrapbooks of her family history, and fully engaged in philosophical conversation about good and evil and the subtleties of getting revenge. We went through a 12-pack of Bud Light and talked till 1:30 A.M.


Today is the anniversary of my First Communion. The nuns said the day was as important and memorable as a wedding day. My mother said she didn't think so. But I did manage to remember the date.


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