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Old Friends

It's turning into a social week. I haven't had one of those in a long time.

Most are from my old days at the Institution. Drinks with Maria on Saturday; a long walk with KZ yesterday evening; a phone call from KW, about her new job; email from Tess, wondering if I'd be interested in doing more facilitation; coffee with JP this morning; B.O.R.E.D. meeting tomorrow night.

But on Sunday I came home from a walk to find that someone left me a pot of begonias -- Pat D, in town from Florida! Pat ran an aerobic dance company here in the 1980s and I was on her tiny Board of Directors, in charge of designing all her advertising and instructional material. What a great partner she was -- the kind of enthusiast who always gets me motivated.

When we met, my "art" was limited to calligraphy and lettering. But she decided I could do anything and, if I couldn't, trusted me to stay up all night learning. I did some pretty good little drawings in those days.

PDA Board

This one was a caricature of our Board. Chele and her kids, slaving over the books; Lill at her typewriter (always injured from teaching); Tim, fussing over Pat's formulas for profit; me at my drawing board; and Pat having fun with all her instructors.

Anyway, Pat is in town for the week. She left her phone number with the plant. Funny how I hesitated to call her. I had to give myself a talking to: I whine so much about being isolated on Planet Susan and here this wonderful old friend seeks me out... If I didn't call her, could I be a bigger ass?

It was wonderful to hear her voice. We're getting together Friday night over beers. That'll be great.



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