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Goals Help

Yesterday I decided to combat my spring fever by focusing on a few things to get done this week. That helped.

1. Finish my radio script.

I worked on this, but either I'm wandering off track and making a simple project more complicated -- or, as an artistic project I need to "follow the disturbance."

2. Finish my presentation of the Sackett-Mason family.

Poked away on this while watching "The Sopranos."

3. Paint.

YES! Got out the primer and the beautiful deep Athena green paint I used for the bathroom. It was originally intended for the wall going up our G-to-1 stairs, so that's where it went yesterday. Used the Spring green on a small adjoining wall. Then used the Athena green upstairs on our second floor landing -- kind of a slap-it-on job. I was moving fast... then suddenly it was 5:30 and my technique was beginning to fail me. But with the help of my handsome assistant, we got it all cleaned up before dinner. OH, MY ACHING MUSCLES.

4. Eliminate the negative.

Went shopping while the primer was drying. Bought good food and salad greens, but couldn't resist a couple mega-cookies. Avoided wine till dinner, when I considered it therapeutic.



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