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Saturday, 4.8.06: Week In Review

A bustling week.

Cloister Initials by Fred W GoudyEbay. Actually got some auctions going this week, instead of waiting for store buyers. Auctions are riskier but faster. I'm still pulling apart the skiing collection. Also (because I'd set it out ages ago in my photo tent and it was taunting me) I listed a set of printers type -- the complete alphabet. I bought them in New Orleans in 1979 for $2.25 each. They're pretty but I have no place for them.

Cleaning! Recent projects left our ground floor study (aka Cosmopolitan Productions World Headquarters Till We Get A Place In Venice), the utility room, and garage a complete mess. Time to wipe away construction dust, fill trash bags, flatten boxes and put all our tools back where they belong. Got about 90% done.

Corresponding with Kathleen. My sister has a big multimedia presentation to complete and I've been her consulting A-V geek (aka just-in-time learning coach). I love doing this, not only because she's my sister but also because she's totally cool and I know that whatever she puts her mind to will turn out great. This also resulted in a funny "who's on first?" type correspondence with my mom, who I thought was my sister. Wuh? A classic Big Kathleen-Little Kathleen confusion.

Mask Gallery is finished (98%). Photo.

Bathroom door abomination: My other sister Ellen came through with some good advice. But now I've forgotten why turning this door into a piece of art was such a compulsion. I wanted it make the door "inspirational," but now I have to remember what does inspire me...


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