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Of Night Skies & Gallery Walls

IN BED: If I lie on my left side and open my eyes on a clear night, I can see a satellite in the southern sky. It cruises at the same speed as the earth -- in geosynchronous orbit -- so that it appears to hover fixed.

If I stand up out of bed and cast my eyes downward, I see the bright lights of the 24-hour strip mall downhill from us. The lights do a pretty good job of knocking out most of the stars -- everything but the satellite.

The satellite is not as romantic as a star or a planet. It's a practical thing -- tracking weather patterns or beaming 500 channels to rooftop satellite dishes.

It's a cold weather vision. When the trees leaf out, it will disappear, I think. I wish I knew its name.

Back to earth...

The African mask gallery is done. Here's the Before:


Here's the After. The wall color is not quite this flaming -- a little more toward the terra cotta -- but I couldn't get the photo adjusted right. You get the idea.


It's beginning to look more like a place worthy of its art, instead of a warehouse.



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