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Saturday, 4.1.06: Week In Review

April already!

Finally! The tile is in around my bathtub and the plumbing all connected. A simple black and white/bisque, plus some leftover glass mosaics from the kitchen job. The black border should have extend down the edge of the tub but it didn't work out at the other end. The door is way off level, so everything would have looked askew. Anyway, a little paint touch up and a final cleaning and sealing of the tile and one more room will be DONE.

Moving right along: Working on our entry and "mask wall" now. Painting is done except for the trim. Why does red paint take so many coats? Sheesh.

In between attacks of paint mania, I took apart a collection of skiing-related material that Jim had put on the "sale pile" months ago. I wound up listing 100 old postcards on Ebay. I was feeling cranky about all the time it was taking so I priced them at $9.95 each. I figure Jim's taste is worth a premium.

Much to my surprise they started flying out of the store. I started listing them on Wednesday and by Friday I'd sold 26 of them. Excellent. Maybe I priced them too low, but it's fun to be wildly popular for a couple days.

German Ski Scene


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