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Saturday, 3.4.06: Week In Review

Score for this week: 0. What am I keeping score of -- energy level? ambition? ebay sales? good nutrition? Whatever.

I did manage to connect with some friends and family, which is always great.

Saturday. A totally lazy day -- nothing going on. The mild weather is turning cold and snow sifts down.

Sunday. I think yoga class was as ambitious as I got. Went to Barnes and Noble and bought some books -- software how-tos, natch.

Monday. Spent the day immersed in the family history of my "third grandfather" Ewald. I found a lot because his family had such unusual names -- men named Florence and Cornelius and Delaney.

Tuesday. My Macromedia Studio 8 software arrived yesterday. I installed it today but spent most of the day fixing links in my old journal entries on Mad In Pursuit

Tuesday - Wednesday. Had a wicked sickish headache -- one that woke me up at 3:30 AM. I finally got up at 5, worked, then went back to bed at 8. I've never had a migraine -- this was one of those steel band tension headaches. Laid low. Downloaded yet more computer software -- an upgrade of some software to convert video into a variety of different formats. I'm working up toward improving the video presentations on my website.

Wednesday. Met with our contractor about the bathrooms; settled on a price and list of tasks.

Thursday. Trying to dig into Dreamweaver 8 (part of Studio 8), but kept getting distracted by testimony on C-SPAN. I'm going to need to pull the plug on that habit.

Friday. Woke up with a headache again at 1 AM -- this time it was well deserved -- extended happy hour last night involving tequilla shots. Ouch! I drank a couple glasses of water, took some ibuprofen and laid my head on an icepack. All better by 6 A.M.

Reposted notes from our 1990 trip to Thailand. They are cryptic with no pictures, but they brought back some interesting memories. Maybe on a more ambitious day I'll add photos and links.

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