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Saturday, 2.25.06: Week In Review

Saturday. An impromptu dinner at Sheila's new house -- an spacious ranch full of artist's energy. Sheila's kids hid out from the six adults while we ate and (some of us) drank too much. Her living room creates a nice stage for performing guests. I won't say I was wearing a lampshade on my head but I might as well have held a microphone in my hand. Maria reminded me on Sunday that I was lecturing about Monica Lewinsky, sex and the old-fashioned single girl. Oh my...

For my sins, I spent the rest of the week doing penance at the computer.

Goodbye Broadway, Hello FranceObsession #1. Cleaning out my website files and getting them transferred to a new host. This allowed me to finally write a satisfying nasty letter to my old host, wagging my finger at them about customer service.

Obsession #2. Getting the last 100 pieces of sheet music listed in our ebay store. Let the buying begin. There are some beauties among them -- eager to be treasured by a new owner.

Obsession #1, when completed, reinvigorated my eagerness to improve my web design skills. So, Obsession #3 found me upgrading my old versions of Macromedia's Flash and Dreamweaver. Macromedia was purchased by Adobe so now their software is bundled into pricey "suites." Dreamweaver, Flash, Fireworks (and more!) are now "Studio 8." If I didn't have old versions from 2002, I might have resisted the temptation.

Maria and I met on Monday for a Cosmo planning session. She want to produce a new short movie by the end of the year. We'll see...

Last night I had a sudden urge to make my home page more dramatic, but all I wound up doing was cleaning up some of the rollover graphics.

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