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Saturday, 9.29.07: Week In Review

Pedal to the metal along the scenic byways of organizing our "shopkeeping" and sales.

Ebay auctions didn't set any records, but I remind myself it was mostly junk cluttering my space (and my 1995 cell phone did sell for $10.50).

doodlingBut the more things we sell, the more tumbles off the shelves and out of the closets. My studio floor is now covered with 90 public health books and Jim's study (where they came from) looks as overstuffed as ever. Cataloguing books is not my favorite activity (there is no end to them!), but we soldiered away -- Jim pulling them off the shelves and numbering them according to the preliminary list I made from his old index cards,* then I described them and their condition according to bookseller standard vocabulary. The list is about done, except for some strays, so now for pricing and finding dealers...

Along the way I began to re-organize the way I organize myself. Maybe this method will last for a while.

After being on call since July, Jim finally got his jury duty letter -- turns out it's federal court. That should be interesting.

Planning a little trip to Richmond, Virginia, at the end of October. My old pal Pat D** and I are going to descend on her daughter (an MBA/architect who has developed software for design studios) to help her develop a strategic plan for her little business. The Sleeping Giants arise. Eighties motto now morphed into "Fun, friends, fabulous!"

Along the way this week I did find a few moment to practice some drawing. (This directive also went on an index card, under the category of "self-nagging.") Doodling counts. I did the little people here on the bookmark of a new book I got: The Light Inside the Dark: Zen, Soul, and the Spiritual Life by John Tarrant.

Meanwhile, I can hardly bear watching the news anymore -- there isn't one story that doesn't make me want to scream. The world is in the hands of belligerently wreckless madmen. I ain't lyin.'

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* How much does someone love an old book to keep an index card on it, with notes about the author & why it's important? Too bad all our stuff isn't "pre-catalogued" like this.

** Now living in Florida. Founded a local aerobic dance empire in the 1980s and I did all her graphics and brochure layout work. We rocked. "Fun, friends, fitness!"