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Saturday, 10.06.07: Week In Review

I bounced merrily along the side streets and scenic byways of Planet Susan this week, covering a lot of territory.

So often I have to cajole myself into new territory -- right now getting some steam behing my "sales and stewardship" mission -- and then, after much sputtering and protest, my engines start purring. Possibly even rev up into obsessive-compulsive overdrive.

My index card organizing system (aka Hipster PDA) seems to be working as I try to put into practice the "Getting Things Done" methodology of David Allen. My little cards sit in front of me, visible enough to remind me to check them, but not so visible as to taunt and distract me. This also prompted a major reorganization of my files and some of the shelves in my studio -- a good thing.

Got a book list off to a dealer in California, but haven't heard from him yet.

studio 10.4.07Got 43 items organized and their photos uploaded, but so far only have 7 auctions scheduled to start on Sunday. The two things I spent the most time researching, I decided not to offer for sale this week. Abe Bullis' notebook deserves some further enjoyment and some kind of story told. And the Ripper Collins postcard deserves a sales strategy that milks it for all it's worth -- but I don't know whether that's $50 or $500.

The editor from the Canal Times wants more of my "Fish Tales from the Towpath" columns for his off-season online only version, so I got together my column #5 and sent it off. I might actually have to go fishing before the Erie Canal gets drained for the winter on Nov. 15.

Jim spent 3-1/2 days serving on a federal jury -- a police brutality civil suit. He and his 7 fellow jurors decided that the plaintiff didn't have a good case, bye-bye.

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