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Saturday, 5.26.07: Week In Review

A smooth re-entry into Planet Susan on Wednesday, after 3 weeks on the road. And yet I'm really still in Ireland.

Thursday and Friday I spent sorting all the bits of paper I came home with and beginning to organize our nearly 600 photos (thankfully all digital). Beginning to tell my stories.

Rock of Cashel at sunset

Maureen Collins gave me five precious photos of her mother Katie Dunne, to scan and digitally restore and revitalize — a good artsy challenge I'm loving.

Paddy Collins, family historian on the Kilkerrin end, posed the question about who got Aunt Helen Dunne to go to St Louis. She was the first of the Dunne children to leave for America and who she connected with might open up some more family history doors. I couldn't resist the question, so got right over to ancestry.com. I'd searched for Auntie's passage before but on Thursday luck was with me. More on that later... but time always disappears when I'm hot on the trail of new information.

I still haven't tackled the monstrous family tree. Upwards of 50 more cousins to add. Plus all kinds of little tidbits to tell.

Driving. Got quickly reoriented to right-road driving, but a weird brain rewiring made me turn the lights ON as I left the car on Thurs afternoon and yesterday the battery was dead.

Parrot. Picked up Hermanita from her vacation lodging. Trying to ease her re-entry home so she doesn't become a complete banshee about making up for lost attention.

Ebay. Reopened the store and a couple small items sold. MUST do some auctions in early June to keep the coins jingling in my pocket.

Fish Tales. My editor is making the publication of my fishing column last priority, so that's taken the wind out of those sails somewhat.

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