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Saturday, 3.3.07: Week In Review

Interesting variety on Planet Susan this week.

Got my part of the taxes done. I made more on ebay sales than I did on Cosmopolitan Productions. And even within Cosmo, the work that earned me money was workshop facilitation and tape syncs for other producers. But I don't need a paycheck to validate my status as an "artiste," right???? Speaking of which...

Does anyone remember my Babes In Boyland series? (The essays look longish now for the kind of tidbits people want to read on the web.) My great ambition back in my fishing heyday was to do a newpaper column. Anyway, the editor of Canal Times found one of my essays and, long story short, looks like I'll be writing a column for them this summer about fishing along the Erie Canal ("friends, fishing & philosophy"). I found this picture of me that sums it up — wrong tackle, tiny catch, shit-eatin' grin.

Tutorial. Writing tutorials brings traffic to my website. My best tutorials come out of my own problem-solving. This week I wanted to get a favorite drawing by Sergio Arau into my cell phone as wallpaper. (His drawing reminds me of myself.)

by sergio arau

I emailed it to my last phone but it wouldn't work this time. Anyway, I figured out the Bluetooth connection between my cell phone and my computer. Maybe someone else will benefit from my directions.

Lunch out yesterday with Joy B, a Christian pastor with a total passion for empowering victims of trauma to take charge of their lives. We had an interesting conversation about anger... When does forgiving really allow forgetting? When do the circumstances demand some kind of "restorative justice" before the hurt goes away? She's working on those answers with her women's groups.

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