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Saturday, 3.10.07: Week In Review

This week, as the bitter cold persisted, was about writing.

I should have done more actual creative writing of my own, but did more writing about writing and went a little crazy getting some web pages reformated.

A few moons ago I decided my "mission" was to "write stunning stories." I should add to that: "Share what I know." I have a lot of know-how in my head but no ambition to go into schools to share it. The web is my venue, but — I need to figure out the right formats and avenues for tutorials and guides. I have a good format for Photoshop tutorials and a good place to post them. (I get traffic and, if people click my ads, income.)

But my so-called writing resource pages have been, till now, mostly modified journal entries. People aren't interested in my mental adventures — they want instructions. 1, 2, 3... So there's my challenge.

Also this week:

Dropped tax info off at the accountant.

Had breakfast with Maria and her new teacup chihuahua. Cute cuddly little thing.

Jim finally over his pneumonia and his truck-hit-me course of moxifloxicin.

Put my old Palm T3 up for sale on ebay. I was going to give it away till I realized how much I invested in travel accessories and leather case (which of course don't work with the new model, grrrr...). But I did discover that the wireless keyboard still works, so I played with that for a while.

Got an email from Arun Gandhi that his wife Sunanda passed away. I met her the couple of times I went to his house for interviews. I think we'll go to the memorial service next week.

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