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Saturday, 9.30.06: Week In Review

I swear it's true: August drags and September FLIES by.

An intense week:

Cartooning class begins.

Jim and I have fun (?) preparing to offer our evolution book collection for sale.

Finished both an audio and movie version of Joanne P's 3-minute centering exercise/meditation. Working title: TAKE THREE. Burned some CDs, did some cover art and presented the product to Joanne. Next, we'll get some "focus group" feedback.

Yesterday, after the excitement of putting 350 books up for sale, I decided to prepare all my damn sheet music (nearly 300 left!) to go up for sale as a lot, instead of my pokey one-by-ones. Ebay has become a drag... no sales.

Wackiest moment of the week: Sunday, we went to the store for ice cream and "magic shell" chocolate sauce. (I really needed the chocolate.) When we got home it wasn't in the bag. Frustration. Good old Jim went searching into the cabinet to find me some facsimile of chocolate sauce ("Hot cocoa mix?"). I go upstairs. Suddenly, I hear obscenities from below. I run downstairs. Jim has knocked a glass bottle of molasses off a top shelf onto the stove. A million shards of glass. And molasses — molasses! — dripping between the stove and the cabinets. Oh. My. God.

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