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Saturday, 2.4.06: Week In Review

Saturday. Bird-out-of-cage feeling that Grand Jury duty has ended. I am throwing myself into the project of updating the Cosmopolitan Productions website to incorporate a wider range of services. It's exciting but there's lots to do.

Sunday. Cosmos with Maria -- first time we've seen each other since her New Year's party. Wow, two cosmos and I'm flattened.

Monday. Gee, Black History Month must be upon us -- my 2-minute "Valentine 1955" radio program got licensed by public radio station WKNO 91.1 FM (serving portions of Tennessee, Arkansas, Mississippi and Missouri).

Finally, I get another 25 pieces of sheet music listed in our store.

An ebay newbie from England sends me a personal check. She has crossed out the sign and inserted her own $ sign. Hmmm... that doesn't seem right. I decide to check with the bank before sending out her "Cheek To Cheek" sheet music. The bank manager shakes her head and says they would have to charge me a $75 fee to process a $16 check. Nevermind.  

Tuesday. I have a website design client, recommended by Joanne P. He comes over to Cosmopolitan Productions World Headquarters. We get to know each other a little and hammer out some details. I think he'll be interesting to work with -- another guy reinventing himself out of the 9-to-5 workplace.

Wednesday. Went to a memorial service for my old boss back at the Institution. It was the first time facing some of the colleagues I grew to detest. I got all gussied up -- the red lipstick protection -- but had a panic attack in the car anyway. It turned out okay. Good to see some people. Lots of fake hugs and phony conversation with the rest.

Found out my aunt died. Floods of memories and sadness.

Thursday. Annual mammogram -- I'm getting used to the boob smashing. It's the two-hour wait for the results that's a pain. The wait is optional but better than being called to come back.

Friday. Jim and I went on an excursion to the other end of the county to see an art show called "Alternative Girlhood: Diaristic Indulgence and Contemporary Female Artists." It featured artists who combine two of my passions: talking about oneself and cartooning. It was inspirational.

Watched The Constant Gardener last night. Dynamite movie.

My English ebay customer with the goofy check has not responded to my emails about alternative ways of paying. Sigh...

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