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Saturday, 1.28.06: Week In Review

Saturday. Decided to give myself a treat and get a facial. Don't know that it really made much lasting difference but it was certainly relaxing and (because my skin is so dry) the aesthetician reminded me to drink more water, which I need to interpret as "less wine."

We cashed in on my Christmas present to Jim and saw Vigil at Geva, our local theater. A guy quits his job to go sit with his dying aunt, only she won't die -- a laugh-out-loud black comedy by Morris Panych about the lengths we go to cure our loneliness.

Sunday. Finally getting some auctions going -- store items I'd like to get rid of.

We celebrated our usual belated Christmas with Jim's daughter Heidi and her family. His granddaughter Mariel is home briefly from her job in Shanghai, so it was good to catch up with her.

Tuesday. Bob Ament of Jembetat gallery came by to look at some of our Balinese artifacts. He's on his way to Bali to buy jewelry for his shop.

Monday-Friday. Back to my last week of grand jury. Most of the week was spent finishing up cases that had been presented during the three weeks before. The days were short but full of some difficult decisions. I'm glad to get my life back, but I was also sad to end the intensity of the jury. And I was feeling comfortable around the Hall of Justice and enjoying my 22 fellow jurors.

In between I've been toying with adding to my Cosmopolitan Productions product line -- a little web page design, a little photo retouching and restoration, a little photomontage. So I've been working on some samples. Here's the work I did on a badly deteriorated 1956 Easter shot my Aunt Lorraine gave me to add to my growing online "family album."

photo restoration sample

(That's me on the left, holding the stuffed bunny I got. For a shy kid, I was always doing a little visual show-off. I guess I still am!)

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