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A card, no date, but James' birthday is 8.25, from Orpha in Glens Falls NY

This was to have been a tiny birthday gift. It is all Glens Falls affords. The illiteracy of this town is startling. Not a volume of poetry in any book store – two copies of The Silver Spoon, (one of which I’m sending, hoping you’ve not already purchased one) – which they’ve had in stock since they were published. Edgar Guest is their big seller. There are more Peg Kimberlys than one would dream.

Last night I, too, suffered a relapse. I saw "A Kiss for Cinderella" and was delighted. It’s like Peter Pan – same author, of course – but, of course, not so lovely.
The brown thing around the book you may use to shine the car, if you like. I’m horribly disappointed in it. Having ordered it I was forced to purchase it.

You’re 22, aren’t you?




The Silver Spoon: Second Book in the Trilogy "A Modern Comedy," second part of the Forsyte Chronicles. Galsworthy seems to be their favorite -- or at least an author they share.

Edgar Guest. "Poet of the People" -- apparently too lowbrow for the college kids.

Peg Kimberly. Who knows???

A Kiss for Cinderella. 1926 movie. "As a whimsical adaptation of James M. Barrie's stage version of the Cinderella story, this film was not immediately appreciated for the magic created by its cinematography." From the NY Times Review.


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