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This letter responds to Orpha's ranting about her miserable life and his inattention. "I didn't know you cared...," he consoles and excuses. He then goes on to talk about the possibility that he will make enough money to start building a house. You can see how it excites his imagination -- a humble existence sounds just fine to him as long as it's with her.

Postmarked Monday 7.12.26, from James in Lynbrook NY

Orpha-song, I did not know you cared so much whether or not you heard from me. If Id known you felt as I do about letters, Id not have let those days pass without writing.

There is an outside chance of a little progress being made here. You remember last winter, when we went to the bank and I borrowed $1000 to lend to pater Zimmer to make a small property investment? We may sell the piece we bought at a reasonable profit; my share is half; if the deal goes through, which well know next Friday, our prospects will be better.

At the price for which were holding, Ill net enough to make it possible to start a house, although wed have to swing a mortgage and use old furniture.

I'll net enough to make it possible to start a house...

It would mean strict economy, no trips, a minimum of new apparel and buzzing about.

But it would mean that next winter wed have a fireplace, a tile bath, a yard, a breakfast nook, and some woodwork to stain.

It would mean housework for you, unlovely furnishings, meals to make for a guy.

But thered be a place to keep our books, and long firelit evenings evenings when youd want to read, but I bother you so much that you have to close your book and speak sharply.

Again I should like to know what youd like to do assuming for the moment that the sale is made and the above outline becomes a possibility.

Oh, if only you are coming to see me Tuesday when you receive this Ill be expecting to hear when youre coming.

Im sorry things are unhappy for you and that you scalded your arm. If only you are coming, and we can plan and consider things sit out in the garden and discuss what we shall do then a wandering time to see the moon then a long time of perfectness of song and rest to nerves that are tearing, wanting, wanting

Orpha-song come soon if you possibly can if not, I must come to you for it must be soon.





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