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mad in pursuit Wednesday, 5.16.90

More on Lisu drunk: headman's wife's brother (The Brother-In-Law). Heroin addict, recovering; replacing heroin with alcohol. Worked as a guide with Summit Treks who only use hill people for guides -- subject of many complaints due to drunkenness. The Belgian visitors were his personal guests.

Only Explore Worldwide visits the villages we went to and built the outhouses.

Golden Triangle. 92 degrees and extremely humid. Insects -- like ringing in one's ears, some a half-tone off, striking a harmonic. Lunch along the Mekong River and browsing at souvenir shops. Hike up to a wat for a panoramic view of the confluence of the Mekong and Mae Kok. Hazy distant mountains.

Chiang Sam. 13 c. ruins and museum of Lanna artifacts. At roadside stand: backpack with Kalaga parrot.