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mad in pursuit 5.11.90
Chiang Rai

Compare the attitudes of the 1920's and 30's travel writers/adventurers to current. Malraux's descriptions of the jungle as decay and the natives as savages, swarming insects. Fear of nature instead of balance? Are exploitation and over-regulated this-rights, that-rights both extremes of lack of balance/harmony (including overpopulation)?

The elephants were fun even though the show is strictly for tourists. Can Disney World do as well? A 3-year-old baby provided some clowning -- chasing people who carried bananas, throwing dirt on his back after his bath, and generally scampering alongside his older brethren.

Tonics being sold on the street:

#14 Flowers Blooming in the Morning: cures fatigue, dizziness, and morning sickness. Good for women.

#10 A Man Wonders If He Can Pound the Hole: Elder man who wants to be young and have a good time.

Bought deep fried bananas and sweet potatoes in bags made from chemistry test papers.