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mad in pursuit 5.10.90
Chiang Rai

9 A.M. North to Chiang Rai. Clean clothes in plastic bag. Day pack with water bottle and t.p. to bring on 54 km. trek.

Visited government shops to see local crafts: silver, lacquer, silk.


  • Elephant training camp: show (bathe, lifting) and ride through woods and stream.
  • Lunch, play with gibbon
  • Raft trip and swimming
  • Bus through rain to orchid farm and butterfly farm
  • Waterfalls and hike

During lunch at the elephant camp, Chan sings John Lennon song "Imagine all the people... and all the world will be as one" as we groomed the gibbon. The gibbon grabs our hand -- E.T.-like fingers, with delicate human fingernails. He points with the other hand to where he wants scratched. A little interspecies communication. Gibbon: tan with black face, long black fingers.