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mad in pursuit Saturday, 5.5.90, over Pacific Ocean

2-1/2 hours out of Seattle over the Pacific, we see what appears to be the Aleutians or perhaps the coast of Alaska -- craggy and snow-covered. "Chimera" Island -- neat little volcanic island in the sea. J sees the outline of a skeletal horse in the snow. Yes, it's Alaska. Icy, barren, very mountainous. 3 vessels: a big ship and 2 small fast boats. Big lake or bay -- deep blue, with a white cover of ice, beginning to break apart. I've never seen rivers and streams that meander so -- like Christmas curling ribbon, changing course, leaving behind horseshoe lakes. Then brown, barren land pockmarked with icy white and blue black lakes. Raffia scraps of snow -- must be that the snow blows against ridges in the land and sticks.

Isn't it strange to be flying over black and snowy mountains, icy lakes and rivers, on our way to the hottest city in the world -- passing through pristine wilderness to our stopover in the most densely inhabited, high-tech city in the world?

We cross a wide bay. Lots of ship and broad faint swaths of brown on the deep blue, sweeping out to sea. I think they are oil slicks.


They say it's 2:29. The sun is shining so it must be afternoon, but is it tomorrow or yesterday? We are having a snack -- our fourth meal -- near Tokyo. I'm trying to come up with a better image than flying sardine can. It's 1:29 A.M., Sunday, in Rochester.