1 Jan. Who You Calling Creative (and must creatives have messy desks?) Published in Crow's Feet at Medium.

4 Jan: 2022 Opening Thoughts (Plus my "Dark Monastery Manifesto"). Also published on Medium.

14 Jan. The Jazzy Flapper Dress (From hand-stitches dance rag to artful heirloom). Published in Counter Arts at Medium

29 Jan. Meditation on Masks (Nothing is as it seems). Published in Found In My Journal at Medium.

1 May 4251 Penrose

14 July. Kitty's People: the Irish Family Saga about the Rise of a Generous Woman published on Amazon in paperback and Kindle editions.

28 Jul. Choosing to be Childless (A reflection after the Dobbs decision). Published in Found In My Journal at Medium

8 Aug. Reissue of Passion & Peril on the Silk Road: A Thriller in Pakistan & China, with typographical corrections and new cover.

22 Aug. Book Writing Index. New book pages: Passion & Peril; Breakaway Beads; Sudden Silence; Headlong; Kitty's People

22 Aug. Challenge: Publish a Book (Why go to the effort of self-publishing a book in my seventies). Published in Crow's Feet at Medium.

29 Aug. Booklife review of Kitty's People goes public.

2 Sept. Infrastructure Week(s) at the Monastery

7 Sept. Challenge: Publish A Book in Your 70s | Also published in Crow's Feet at Medium on 22 Aug.

13 Sept. Becoming a Novelist by Night | Also published at Medium.

24 Sept. Ignorance of a Child Author

SCHEDULED FOR 1 Oct. Tossing Away That First Novel