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Breathless: the Aerobics Era, 3

PDA gift certificate

(Cont'd from yesterday) This storytelling has me thinking about the nature of friendship. And/or, the nature of "fun." The true friend, of course, is the one you can call when your car breaks down and you know they'll drop everything to come get you. But then there's your "circle of friends" -- the people you wind up hanging out with. And fun -- one woman's fun is another woman's torture. Miniature golf: torture. Charades: torture. For me fun = work. I know... recipe for a misfit. So back to the Eighties...

Pat Drum AerobicsOnce Pat incorporated as Pat Drum Aerobics Inc, I became a member of her Board. My great memories are of the 4 or 5 of us sitting around a table with beer and wings hammering out business strategy, schedules, brochures. Long, late, enjoyable evenings. Our lives were revealed to one another in the walks to our cars afterwards. Tim was gay? Lill was seeing who? Jim's ex was in town? And Pat was... married? ....not married? Chele's pregnant again?? And then we would rush back to our lives.

Pat Drum Aerobics Board 1984

I drew this cartoon at the end of 1984. It's really perfect if I do say so myself: Pat being the boss; Chele doing the books with her kids in tow; Lill doing... everything... injuries bedamned; Tim jumping around over financial reports; and me at my drawing table. A circle of unique individuals. A team of cats? Cool cats. (Continue...)


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Graphic at top: Fun, friends, fitness -- our motto. This was a gift certificate I did. It also got into the "Calligraphy in the Graphic Arts" show at the Master Eagle Gallery in NYC, in October 1981. My calligraphy heyday -- before press-on letters gave me an easy way out.