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Saturday, 8.25.07: Week In Review

Kathleen & EllenFocused, purposeful week on Planet Susan (though yesterday I was finally worn out).

I was looking through old picture frames and found this photo stuck in one -- my sisters, circa 1972, having family fun in Washington DC. Could Kathleen look more like her future son John? Could Ellen look more like her future son Trey? Spooky in a twinkle-in-the-eye kind of way.

Self-improvement. I buckled down on my zazan meditation, attending two more hour-plus sessions at the Zen Center. On the other days, forcing myself to sit perfectly still and focused for 25 minutes by a timer.

Ebay. My goal was to get ready for fall sales by stocking up the store and preparing some items for auction, other items for direct sales to dealers. Time-consuming, humble work. Whenever I think it's totally nutty to work so hard on $10 sales, I think of the days when my grandparents had to stamp prices on every can of peas in their grocery store. Humble work. Just do it.

Project. Creativity got consumed by problem-solving and reorganizing as I installed my fat Adobe CS3 upgrade -- something like six major programs that had to be tested out. Tech talk: The new Dreamweaver "reinterpreted" my CSS code and totally screwed up my display, which threatened to freak me out, but a good night's sleep helped me narrow down the problem. Then I discovered that my C: drive was nearly full and I had to do a major clean-up -- always risky.

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