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Saturday, 8.18.07: Week In Review

Energetic week on Planet Susan.

I'm attributing that to my zazen practice, but it might also be due to having an absorbing project.

My day and a half at the Zen Center, along with beginning to read Kapleau's "Three Pillars of Zen," helped correct my meditation practice. The point of zazen really is mind over matter. You have to sit really, really still. No squirming. If your foot falls asleep or you get an itch... get over yourself. You must really, really not think about anything but counting your breaths, 1 to 10, 1 to 10, 1 to 10. No envisionings, no imaginings, no nothing. If a thought enters your head, wonderful or worrisome, don't embrace it, don't push it away — simply start your count back at 1. I managed to do this for 20-25 minutes every day this week. It was HARD!!! No big Enlightenment breakthrough, but it made the world seem more vivid and I felt way less distractible.

Project CoverEbay. Sold an old saltwater fishing reel from about 1970 — maybe Jim's dad's. A little corroded but had the original box. Sold a vintage 1990s leather Filofax binder to a guy in Japan for $20 — what the heck.

Trip planning. We sketched out the itinerary for our September drive to the Midwest, up the Mississippi, and through upper Great Lakes country.

Creative project. Finished! This "quickie" learning task of dumping my Price-Dunne family history pages into Adobe Indesign became an all-consuming two-week project. The result is pretty cool, 19 pages long, illustrated. Three review copies are in envelopes to be mailed to my mom, Uncle Pat and Aunt Mary Ellen, BUT if you can't wait to see it, check out the .pdf file here. That's the cover on the right — my dad's parents.

Once I got the hang of Indesign, it worked well — way more predictable than trying to do a graphic layout in Word.

Other than that, we're continuing our Provençe-in-Penfield summer.


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