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Kathleen Barrett at CastlewoodSaturday, 7.14.07: Week In Review

A quiet week on Planet Susan. Here are a few highlights:

Citizen Price: I'm sick to death of politics. On the other hand, I feel like I have to do something other than sit here and shake my fist at the TV. Might as well write my Congressmen. I found a stack of old postcards I bought in 1988 and got the extra 11 cents of postage each to make them good again. I printed out the addresses of Hillary Clinton, Chuck Schumer, and Louise Slaughter. Now I can sit in front of the TV and dash off a postcard every time I reach a boiling point. Impeach Cheney! End the war in Iraq!

Creative. I'm still sunk into family history — although I'm not doing the volume of inspired writing that I intend to. Started to reorganize my jumble of entries about Castlewood.

Then Ancestry.com suddenly published U.S. County Land Ownership Atlases, from the Library of Congress ("It's like Google Earth for your ancestors!"). This sent me on a merry chase looking up old maps. The coolest was finding the Barrett property map from Franklin County, Missouri. This, plus the work on old photos, led to a flurry of e-mails with my mom and revisions of the Barrett Family Page and the page for her great uncle John Barrett.

Seeking Nirvana . I signed up for the August Introductory Workshop at the local Zen Center. Might as well get some guidance with my zazen meditation, which I've been doing off and on since January.

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Photo: Kathleen Barrett (my mom) at Castlewood MO, late 1930s.