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Picasso and a friend were walking through a major exhibition of his works. Every so often, the artist would point out a forgery. At one of them his friend said, "How can that be fake? I saw you paint it!" Picasso said, "Sometime I paint fakes."

studio bluesThat's the sum of my own artistic endeavors this week. Faking it. I keep thinking I'll improve upon something I've done before, but the result looks like a half-hearted copy, even though I spent a lot of time working on my Adobe Illustrator techniques.

This wheel-spinning is a sign that a vacation, a class, or other outside stimulation is long overdue. Our vacation is still 2-1/2 weeks away. And that is too short a timeframe to do another set of Ebay auctions.

The weather doesn't help. Today it's cold rain. Yesterday it was that gloppy half-snow that manages to hit your neck just right and drip down your back.

This should be my opportunity to read a fat James Joyce tome, but... yawn...


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