mad in pursuit journal

DISPATCHED FROM THE CROSSROADS, AT THE intersection OF practical and poetic

Midweek Buzz

No presence of mind for composing essays. My mind in buzzing in lots of different areas this week.

:: Making lasagna for my girlfriends tonight — the B.O.R.E.D. group — and getting the place polished up.

:: Planning some advice and guidance for Kathleen's video project

:: Thinking through music choices with Joanne for her chakra workshop on Jan 27.

:: Getting all my info together to start contacting cousins in Ireland about our trip in May

:: Thinking about what Ebay auctions to start on Saturday and what items to get listed in the store.

:: Got a new Photoshop tutorial written that needs to be published

:: Trying to keep setting aside 20 minutes for my "zazen" session. Got out the juggling balls that Patrick gave me and added that to the challenge: if my mind and body are in harmony with the universe, shouldn't I be able to throw a ball into the air with one hand and catch it in the other?

:: Last night we went to a "save the tree" forum at our condo's board meeting. They are proposing chopping down the mature silver maple in front of our townhouse "in case" it might fall over.