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Saturday, 12.09.06: Week In Review

What a week on Planet Susan. The beginning of it feels like a long time ago.

Sunday was about art galleries and PlayStation 3.

Then after 2 vodka-tonics I came home to find that the woman I'm consulting for had more data and needed her report for her funder on Monday morning. I buzzed along and emailed her the report by 10 PM.

Monday at the clinic all day, on the roller coaster of all possible futures. I missed my last cartooning class because we didn't get home till 5 and Jim & I preferred more togetherness over a restaurant meal (me with a tall margarita).

Tuesday and Wednesday I don't remember, except that we spent a lot of time clearing our gods and goddesses out of the living room and encasing our better furniture in plastic.

Thursday the chaotic remodeling began.

Friday. All the lifting and hauling (& lack of yoga) made my sciatica kick up (the old tingling down my right leg). So I committed myself to get to yoga Fri morn. It was our first significant snow of the year and my car slid slightly sideways down our hill, ricocheting off a curb. The car was fine but the adventure wrenched my lower back. On to yoga. The rest of the day was a back misery (though the yoga seemed to relieve the sciatica pain). Still, I went grocery shopping and bought paint — "keep moving" school of back care.

Today my back is better after a good night's rest. I'll start painting the living room.

Ebay. My brother's Alfred E Neuman Christmas card sold for $60 — go figure (although I stilll haven't gotten paid). I have about 10 auctions ending today — the last set of auctions for the year. Thursday and Friday I got more items listed in the store — good little things for funky Christmas presents.

Artistic endeavors . Nothing! I need to refocus.

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