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Saturday, 12.02.06: Week In Review

A bustling week on Planet Susan.

A consulting project had me doing charts and graphs, with a little cursing thrown in. I forgot that live links between MS Word and Excel can be cranky and unpredictable. I see that I have the 2002 version. Doesn't seem to be any point in upgrading to the 2003 version, since Microsoft is coming out with their 2007 Suite in the new year.

I also discovered that our phone book no longer publishes Zip Code maps — and they are unavailable online without paying. Damn. I had to scan a big map and trace the Zip Codes. Good Illustrator practice, but Jeez!

Ebay. Great week. All my auctions sold and by Monday afternoon everything had been paid for and sent out (including the no-pay from Nov 12). The big sellers are our 19th century photos of Darwin and his gang. I spent a day scanning and listing another set for this week — my last auction before Christmas. A few more items sold from the store to keep me hustling.

I planned to get all my brother's little paper items listed in the store, but I got stuck researching one item: a 1927 sports annual and homecoming program for Ohio State football. Turns out the cover and lots of inside art work was done by Milt Caniff, the legendary cartoonist who created both "Terry and the Pirates" and "Steve Canyon" and who is considered the grand old man of adventure comics. He was a college student at Ohio State, so these are undoubtedly some of his early published work. I'm hoping there's a collector out there aching for this kind of thing.

Drawing. I was too busy with my businesses to do much drawing... Monday is my last class.

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