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Drawing for Animation

Puppet for animationSketching is hard enough. Turning a sketch into an Adobe Illustrator drawing wears me out. Making an AI drawing to turn into an animated cartoon takes a serious commitment.

I decided during yoga class yesterday morning that this would be the day for an experiment.

There's a stage in creating something when you simply have to surrender to the process. I like that word: surrender — you stop second-guessing yourself, stop worrying about making a mess of it, and you just do it.

sketchThe Maddie sketch I posted on Monday turned into the one on the right here. What you can't see is that it's separated into pieces, just like a puppet — head, neck, torso, hips, upper and lower arms, upper and lower legs. (I did a tutorial about this initial process a while back.)

I got far enough to import it into Adobe After Effects and "string the puppet pieces together." I'd display my initial animation effort — making Maddie do a little victory dance — but it was a little too Elvis Presley lame for public consumption. Maybe tomorrow...

Main thing: SHE MOVES!


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