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Saturday, 9.2.06: Week In Review

Ah, sweet September! Tired of drifting, I declared September early this week and got down to the business of a priorities .

This meant slapping my daily routine into shape:

6-9 AM Creative work

9 - Noon Physical (walk, yoga, housework)

Noon - 4 PM Assorted (ebay, other projects, stuff with Jim)

4 - 8 PM Communal time (social time with Jim and/or friends)

8 - 10 PM Journal/reading

The resolutions that go along with the schedule adjustment all fall under the heading of QUIET!:

This resulted in a great week of self-directed hustle. I put my creative project in high gear and even called Brian to arrange the rehab of our living room (I'm thinking a November project).

For creative inspiration Jim and I took an afternoon and visited Artisan Works, a wild rambling museum sort of space that also houses artist workshops — always good for getting the fingertips itching to create something beautiful.

I also bought a DVD called "Anxious Animation" from Amazon:

This ain’t no Pixar. This is ain’t no Disney. This ain’t no foolin’ around. ANXIOUS ANIMATION presents six contemporary film artists who take us into surreal worlds of delirium and paranoia… The reigning proponent of cut-and-paste, LEWIS KLAHR nourishes intensely private visions on the compost heap of collective fantasy through old magazines, comic books, and cocktail iconography.Complex, full of charm, and pervaded by themes of loss, JANIE GEISER simultaneously creates and deconstructs fantasies through doll-like figurines, cut-outs, and found objects in her cryptic narratives.JIM TRAINOR’s handmade animations explore the inner lives of animals that appear strangely self-aware even as they instinctually copulate, feed, fight, kill and die.The Bay Area collective of RODNEY ASCHER, SYD GARON, and ERIC HENRY conjure diabolical visions with digital savvy, accompanied by the manic music of Buckethead and DJ Q-Bert.

I'm intending to make my "Insider" movie into an animation like these — cut and paste, crazy, but perhaps with a little more straightforward storytelling.

13th Wedding Anniversary — Aug 28. (13 is Jim's and his parents' lucky number.) We watched our wedding video and I shed a wee tear for those no longer with us. But it's great to see progress too. We visited Jim's daughter's family last night and Olivia, the little 3-year-old doing jigs at our wedding, is launching herself on an ambitious musical career playing the saxaphone. The wheel of life turns...

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