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Saturday, 8.12.06: Week In Review

It was a good week here on Planet Susan. Beautiful breezy weather and a sweet Sunday drive to Ithaca.

Oy, Actionscript. I drove myself crazy by trying to teach myself Actionscript so I can do some interactive programming on my little animations. It just can't be as hard as it seems. I was always good as mastering (human) languages, especially the gramatical structures and I've done a bit of pretty good programming in my heyday. So I have to ask: is my brain just getting old and inflexible or is Actionscript really this hard? I'm just not getting the hang of it -- but now it's a challenge I can't let go of it.

Gandhi. On a whim last night I emailed our newspaper. I suggested they solicit Arun Gandhi's perspective on the violence in the world. The editor wrote back and said why don't I write the piece myself? Okey-dokey. I emailed Gandhi for an appointment and within minutes he emailed back: come over at 5 p.m. today. Whoa! Cool.

I spent the rest of the afternoon fretting and preparing. Since the last time we met, I've done a lot of thinking about the practice of nonviolence.

I brought him and his wife a peach pie from the farmer's market -- trying to be a little neighborly instead of my usual strictly-business self.

We had a great conversation for about 45 minutes. Luckily he agreed with me that the world has gone mad.

I decided to call the column "What Would Gandhi Do?" Now I have to get my 500 words written.

Kitty MomKitty Mom. Today is the 106th anniversary of my grandmother's birth. I'm so glad I got engaged in putting together her history. She was not just a loving grandma but a genuine force of nature — a tough resilient child who grew into a great dame — intolerant of fools, but full of unconditional love toward those who needed her.


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