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Saturday, 7.29.06: Week In Review

It was a good week here on Planet Susan.

Ebay. Sold an expensive book by auction. Have my fingers crossed that it arrives safely and Vancouver customer is delighted.

Flash. I continued to burrow into my Macromedia Flash software to create an animated presentation. The learning required is endless, but in a few areas I'm finally getting it.

Most of my time was devoted to Joanne's presentation on the ancient mysteries of the chakras. When I got her presentation as far as I could go before our Thursday meeting, I couldn't stop my mental activity and went on to create an alternative "Susan's Own" presentation — chakra work as "hero's adventure:

One of these days I'll get around to posting some of the actual interactive displays, but for now the important part is that I made myself think and I made Joanne laugh.

The meeting with Joanne was also filled with some good philosophical discussion, then turned into an outing when we joined her partner for drinks and dinner.

The discussion continued on a giddier note last night. Took the presentations over to Maria's for show and tell. Jim, Maria, Scott and I got involved with the slide above. Maria cottoned on to the circular nature of the journey, the introspective side & the extroverted side, and the hierarchy of energies. Scott debated them. Then he and I debated whether Maria could ever really "surrender" herself to a challenge. I was pro-Maria (having worked side by side with her for a dozen years). He was skeptical (playing the amused and abused boyfriend).

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