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Saturday, 7.22.06: Week In Review

It was a productive week here on Planet Susan. High mental, low physical, low social.

Ebay. Sold a $300 book out of my store so that gave my optimism a boost. Downside: ebay is going to quintuple their fees for store owners by the end of summer. They want to see auctions, not warehouses. Took advantage of this week's discount days to post some expensive items. Hope not everyone is out lying on the beach (isn't it way too hot for that?).

Radio. Third Coast Festival ShortDocs posted my entry on their website. I didn't know they were going to do that. It's good, I guess. But I'm such a weenie -- I haven't gone to hear it because I'm afraid it will sound crappy. I thought people would be listening to it locally from my CD. What if my delicate stereo effects are melted into mush over the Internet?

Video. I completed the 5 6-minutes class promo tapes for the NTID* Theater Program, burned them to DVD and sent them off. For once all my software and equipment cooperated.

Photoshop. Completed two tutorials: mandala-making and color photo restoration. Submitted them to Good-Tutorials. There are a bazillion Photoshop tutorials out there -- must be all those people doctoring photos and creating fake documents. Or college students trying to invent the next great video game character instead of going to classes.

Flash. Made great strides on learning to do Flash presentations by working on Joanne's chakra project. Now I've reached the frustrating part of trying to add some fancy little animated bits. It has my brain wrapped into a pretzel.

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*NTID = National Technical Institute for the Deaf, at Rochester Institute of Technology