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Saturday, 5.20.06: Week In Review

Radio. My voice project was posted on Sunday. A "soft launch" as they say, since I've only heard from 3 people who listened to it. But, moving right along, I decided to do more homework on radio production and poked away at starting another couple of projects. Easy ones. Heh.

One was a 1-minute sound mix experiment. I got frustrated fast.

The other was an adaptation of a humorous essay I wrote on travel. Something different — short, punchy. When will I learn? The writing is very windy — major construction ahead...

Nonviolence & Anger. I dug into Arun Gandhi's book to think about a production based on his grandfather's stories. It led to my own 4-day meditation on anger.

Toronto Road Trip. In getting myself re-immersed in the radio world, I learned about a conference next weekend in Toronto: Radio Without Boundaries: Radio & the Transmission Arts. Close. Not too expensive. A chance to rub elbows. An excuse to get out of town. Looks like the program will emphasize sound as art. I registered Jim along with me. He's always my first and most supportive source of feedback, so I might as well get him trained up.

Ebay. Sold 2 $2 postcards. Big whoop. I started posting some books but got b-o-r-e-d.


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