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Friday, 5.26.06: Week In Review

Doing my week in review early because we are headed to Toronto for a long weekend. I'm dragging Jim to a conference: Radio Without Boundaries: Radio & the Transmission Arts. I signed up for a session where I get to play 5 minutes of one of my pieces for critiquing. I decided to present the last part of "Kitty Keeps On Singing" because of all the blending of old 78 sounds -- very artsy.

I also spent a lot of time creating a Demo CD of my radio and sound work. It got me learning some new software: Sony's CD Architect. And then of course I had to design a cover. Introvert and perenniel Planet Susan inhabitant that I am, I keep nursing the hope of "being discovered." Therefore I need to be prepared.

Tuesday. I hosted an intimate celebration for Karen Z, who was promoted to an executive position at the Institution. Her closest pals wonder - has she joined the dark side... or hmm... is it we, the bitchy and disgruntled, who live on the dark side?

Wednesday. A consulting job -- facilitating the first of 4 strategic planning sessions for a small non-profit. I accepted the job on Tuesday, so walked in pretty cold. During the check-in, as everyone spoke about what they wanted, I had a moment of terror that I didn't know what I'd do next. But experience quickly took hold (or was it intuition?) and the 4-hour meeting accomplished a lot.

Later, I went to a going away party for Kathi W -- now a fellow escapee from the Institution. It was only supposed to last an hour, but people kept showing up who I hadn't seen in ages. The bottles of Corona made me very sociable.

Thursday. A damn ordeal getting Hermanita to her weekend getaway at the bird store. They wanted me to bring her whole cage. It was only after I started getting her cage ready to go that I remembered that the cage and stand don't separate easily -- something like 16 screws attach 4 legs. After I realized that I couldn't wish my car into a pickup truck, we stuffed the cage into the trunk with legs sticking out and assorted shock cords holding everything together.

We left Hermanita in a roomful of gorgeous companions and humans attending to her every need, but she was none too thrilled.

Evening, we went to the Memorial Art Gallery to hear a lecture by our old friend Merlin.

Entitled “The Expressive Soul,” Merlin Dailey will present a comparative look at artists' points of view regarding spirituality in Eastern art versus Western art. Dailey is owner of Merlin C. Dailey & Associates, Inc., one of the oldest professional Asian art dealers in the US.

The lecture really encapsulated his lifetime of experience evaluating and interpreting art -- it could have been a whole course. One of Merlin's skills is the poetic way he can convey the excitement of a painting or print in words.


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