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Goals for Next Week

I'm busy, but am I getting anything done? I wonder... should I forget about my Weeks in Review entries and create a Goals for Next Week entry? Am I using my time right? Am I using these web pages well? Should I accentuate the positive or eliminate the negative?

1. Finish my radio script. This is creating a mental logjam. Be ready to record on Saturday.

2. Finish my presentation of the Sackett-Mason family. This is my box of 250+ photos from Fredonia NY. I need a web based presentation like I did for Paul Wall. My goal is to have something to show some experts for advice. Ultimately we want to sell the collection, but we want it to be appropriately appreciated too, with an exhibition or something. Be ready to show Jim how I have them displayed on Wednesday.

3. Paint. There are some small walls I want to paint before I put my paint supplies away for the season. I should be able to get this done by Tuesday, easy. Depends if I want to add in the upstairs hall.

4. Eliminate the negative. Low energy and loss of focus may be because I'm not eating right. I need to switch from cookies and candy to salads, from restaurant meals back to home cooking. Shopping today.



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