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Thursday, 1.19.06:
Bridget O'Flynn Where Have You Been?

Or, I Didn't Know the Gun Was Loaded...

It's a perilous world and it doesn't pay to be stupid.

After a couple weeks of being exposed to the stories of people snatched up into the Jaws of Justice, it's hard not to think about advice I'd give to young people.

Maybe it all boils down to being suspicious of your so-called friends. Isn't that a terrible thing to have to tell children? And yet, as I think about it, I do believe my mother gave me advice like that somewhere along the line.

But the sad fact is that sometimes "doing a quick favor for a friend" means you are the one caught red-handed and dragged off to the police station. That's your thumb print on the counterfeit money, your handwriting on the stolen check, your face in the surveillance video. And, at least in New York State, if you're along for the ride you're just as guilty as the dude holding the gun.

Somehow it's the starry-eyed girlfriend who didn't notice the ignition popped out on the steering column who gets arrested for Grand Larceny while the young man whose last name she can't quite remember disappears into the night.


Grand Jury, continued>>>



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