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James is blue.

Postmarked Thursday 8.19.26, from James in Lynbrook NY

Wednesday night

I havenít been able to communicate with Ed Dooley yet, but I hope to be able to get him for the seventh. Iíll send a list for invitations in a day or two. There may not be any of my relatives at the affair, so donít worry about the reception. I mean any except my mother and father and sister. On the other hand, there may be half a dozen Ė we canít tell how they will react, for there have been only one or two weddings in the family for ten or twenty years which were not limited to the minister, parents, and an immediate departure from the church, with announcements of the wedding sent out the day it took place.

Please try to understand my mechanicalness these days Ė Iím in a knot financially, and have quite a lot to attend to. I donít know where weíll go from our brief stay at the end of the Island. I fear that will have to be limited to a few days Ė Iíll have to take any job I can get as soon as we come back here. If I got a job now, you see, I could have only two days to come to Glens Falls, and no trip after it, so by waiting until after the seventh, working here in the meantime, thereíll be time for four or five days on the Sound shore. It will be November before the Castle is completed. Iíll have to grab any work I can get as soon as we come back here; Pop is as broke as I am, so itís enough to ask him to get $8,000 together for our house without living on him too for any protracted period. I may be able to get a job in the truck department of the General Motors Co., through Mr. Ebberts.

In the meantime donít worry; save your strength to reconcile yourself to fading dreams of things as youíd like them to be.

Donít forget to send me complete directions as to time, and necessary conventions to be observed; send your ring size as soon as youíre able to get it.

Save your strength to reconcile yourself to fading dreams...

It has been rainy these three days; we hope to start work tomorrow morning getting some wood on the at present naked foundation.

I have cold in my eyes, so will stop writing now as it makes them drizzle to look at anything.

I hate like hell to drag you into this damned tangle, Orpha-song, but it has to be, for before all else I must have you.





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